Roundabout 8.14.18

Next Meeting

Judy DeMuth, MCCSC Superintendent to speak August 21st in the Frangipani Room, IMU.


News of the Week

August 14 Guest Speaker: Aubrey Seader

Speaking to a full house of Rotarians on Tuesday in the IMU’s Georgian Room, Aubrey Seader told us of her plans and dreams as our District’s first Global Grant Scholar. She will embark upon an MA program in Arts & Cultural Management at King’s College London starting in the fall as she pursues her dream of peacekeeping through the arts.

Growing up in Bloomington, Aubrey learned from her parents and community members the value of volunteer service. A self-described “theatre kid” in high school, she applied to 17 colleges and conservatories and received acceptances at 7. She went to Rutgers, where she spent a year overseas in London participating in Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre’s unique experimental program, Globe to Globe, bringing Shakespeare to life around the world. Aubrey graduated in 2015.

After graduation she moved to New York city where she further developed her storytelling skills before coming back to Bloomington. Currently Aubrey is involved in several collaborations, including the “Hijabi Diaries” and the Ivy Tech Storytelling Series. “Art creates empathy,” she explained, “and empathy supports a compassionate community.”

As she pursues her master’s degree, Aubrey will be continuing her storytelling and her development as an artist in addition to her coursework. She hopes to find ways to create cultural and artistic collaboratives in an effort to bring people together, focusing on their common humanity, and foster peace and goodwill. We wish her the best in her studies!



Our August 14 Weekly Gathering


President Loren Snyder presided. Art Oehmich greeted Rotarians and guests. After leading the pledge, Ron Jensen reflected on the life of Rotary founder Paul Harris after his heart attack in 1929. At their Chicago home, Paul and Jean Harris planted trees in honor of their many guests. Thank you for the historical reminder, Ron.

Jim Bright introduced our guest speaker, Aubrey Seader.

Hank Walter introduced our 16 guests:

Sue Wright, District Governor of Rotary, a guest of the club,

Anne Bright, a guest of Jim Bright,

Chih-Ping Yang, a visiting Rotarian from Taiwan,

Lauren Bryant from Indiana University, a guest of Michael Shermis,

Melissa Stone from Indiana University, a guest of Jim Bright,

Judy & John Bush, guests of Jim Bright,

Christa Browning from Bloomington Transit, a guest of Jean Emery,

Ginny Hosler from Monroe County Public Library, a guest of Marilyn Wood,

Grier Carson from Monroe County Public Library, a guest of Marilyn Wood,

Toby Huter from Indiana University, a guest of Earon Davis,

Juli Holbert from IU Foundation, a guest of the club,

Sam Regas from Indiana University, a guest of the club,

Katie Beck from Indiana University, a guest of Martha Foster, and

Jessika Hain, Assistant District Governor, a guest of the club.


Birthdays This Week 
Tony Stonger  August 14


Membership Anniversaries This Week
Elaine Guinn –  3 years
Judy DeMuth –  7 years
Jean Emery –  16 years


Susie Graham collected Happy Dollars to support Teacher’s Warehouse.

Loren’s Thought for the Week: “Life is short. Take the trip; buy the shoes; eat the cake.”


Save the Date:

  • Social Event: Tuesday, August 21st at 5:05pm at the new W Social Event: Tuesday, August 21st at 5:05 pm at the new Switchyard Brewing Company on N. Walnut Street.
  • Rotary Toast: To Honor Steve and Connie Ferguson, Friday, November 2nd from 6-9pm, Alumni Hall in the IMU.

James Capshew, Reporter