Bloomington Rotary Foundation Board

The role of the Bloomington Rotary Foundation is to administer the charitable arm of the Bloomington Rotary Club, which is supported solely by contributions from Rotarians and friends of the foundation.

Bloomington Rotary Foundation Board members are elected for three-year terms. Board members are listed below.                                                           

Bloomington Rotary Foundation Board 2015-2016
Lance Eberle, President

Sally Gaskill, Vice President

Earon Davis, Secretary

Leslie Green, Treasurer

Jeff Baldwin

Jim Bright

Jean Emery

Joy Kahn Harter

Steve Ingle

Alison Pitt

Michael Shermis

Glenn Steenberger


Charitable Contributions

Teachers Warehouse: $328

Teachers Warehouse: $500
Shalom Center: $500
Volunteers in Medicine: $500

Teachers Warehouse: $2000
Martha’s House: $950
Club fundraising for Sierra Leone Water project: $5,895

Stepping Stone: $500
Community Kitchen: $500